The Raptor
The Raptor

Bi-monthly newsletter from Area00

Publisher: Area00 Development Team
Volume: 1 Issue: 1 Date: 13/6/2000


  Welcome to the first issue of "The Raptor" Area00's bi-monthly newsletter. Of course with recent changes to the game a newsletter is the most effective way of getting the information out to players. I hope you enjoy reading the latest developments for Area00 here.

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A Word from Tony

  Hi players, I hope you enjoy all the new additions to the game and the ones to come. This newsletter will keep you updated on the latest additions to the game. I hope this newsletter clears up any misconceptions you may have about Area00 and where the game is going. Read on :)

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(APDG) Area00 Player Development Group

  The idea behind the Area00 Player Development Group Area00 is an online community. It is full of players who come regularly to play alongside their friends, fight against their enemies, and prove themselves in Area00 virtual skies. Any online community has all kinds of players in it. Like any open group of fairly anonymous people, Area00's online community needs people to oversee it and manage it and make it pleasant for all, getting the best out of all the players, if that community is to grow and be healthy.

  The membership in Area00 Player Development Group is the mechanism by which the most dedicated members of the Area00 community manage that community. Each member of the APDG helps develop a better gaming community by helping Area00 Development Team and Tony Choe the founder of the game.

  What kind of person should seek to be a member of the Area00 player Development Group?

  Being in the APDG is a privilege that Area00 grants to its most dedicated players. Members of the APDG do not have to be the best players in the game, but they have to have the highest level of dedication to the game and its community. ADPG members must have, as their primary interest, the growth of the community highest in their minds. To that end they need to conduct themselves with maturity so that new players to the game can be found, recruited, trained and be made to feel that they have a home.

  Members of the APDG are the community managers, working together with the ADT to make Area00 a challenging, exciting and, above all, welcoming place for players. Working together means exactly that sharing information and ideas with the other APDG and ADT members that can improve the game, its mechanics, its flow and its atmosphere.

If you think that this describes how you would like to contribute to Area00, then you should apply to APDG by using the link on the Area00 homepage.

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  If you have been ask to join the APDG please acknowledge that you agree to the conditions for membership. If your application has been turned down please do not email the ADT at this time. You may re-apply in 3 months time until then keep helping ADT and the game by continuing your support.

  New moderators for the game will be picked from the APDG. However members under the age of 18 will not be asked to perform moderating duties. They will of course be asked to perform all other tasks ask of APDG.

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Calendar of Updates

  • Alpha's functions to be as good as Barbarossa end of July.
  • Open Tobruk server end of June.
  • Barbarossa will be under closed testing with APDG and ADT.
  • All multis will be erased.
  • With a good web page design now Tony will concentrate on programming of game.
  • Alpha server will continue for several months with some

  updating... however statistics will be reset monthly. Ranks, wings and credits will remain. Eventually the Alpha server will be phased out as the Tobruk server comes online and is error free.

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Parting Words

  Bug reporting and fixes are still the major goal for players and Area00. However we are not getting the right information from players. Please follow this format.

Player Name:
Link from left column: Pilot or Inventory etc...
Detailed explanation of Bug:
Player who use the Bug for cheating:

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Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

Area00 : The Free Air Combat Game

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