The Raptor
The Raptor

Bi-monthly newsletter from Area00

Publisher: Area00 Development Team
Volume: 1 Issue: 2 Date: 2/7/2000


  Story contest winner is top_gun of Jazz wing in Alpha Server. Congratulation! New contests will be coming in the coming weeks as we get the game servers past the recent changes. Please bear with us as these changes always require a few days to work on and correct and fine tune.

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A Word from Tony

  I started programming again about 2 weeks ago. My goal is to release Area00 version 1.0 in late August. All the problems, bugs will be fixed for this release. Area00's internal structure will improve its speed. You may notice the menu is correctly displayed and news doesn't disappear anymore on the Barbarossa server. They were critical errors of the internal game structure. Many things are still waiting for my programming. Please understand and we are sorry for any inconvenience. Please be constructive in your feedback. I understand your frustration but please be clear in your feedback and reporting of bugs or problems telling us it sucks and the older version is better does little to help us. Be specific.

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(APDG) Area00 Player Development Group

  APDG members are here :

David Walton
Terry Hodge
Paul Wu
Joseph Pham
Will Lynn
Peter Wu
Pan Guocai
Hunter Chen

&nbp; APDG will add new aircraft and components to the game as soon as the new aircraft database library and form is created. They also will balance the status and rankings of the aircraft and the parts freeing the ADT (Area00 Development Team) for promotions and new game development which is currently underway.

  Also players please use forums to ask APDG members to help you out if you are have problems. APDG members will be having monthly meetings with the ADT about problems and future game development. If you need to get some help contact them via the forum and ask them to identify themselves to you.

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  With this 8 member group the APDG is now full. All new applications have been deleted. In 3 months the ADPG will open applications again please re-apply then.

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Calendar of Updates

  • After Barbarossa's new interface testing, Alpha will be upgraded and Tobruk will be opened. (I expect testing will one week, Tony)
  • When being upgraded, Alpha's ranking records will be reset. (Wings, money and rank will NOT be reset)
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Most important changes of Barbarossa Server

  • 90% compatible with Netscape. (will be 100%) If you are Netscape user, please send your problems to us. Use the feedback form.
  • Faster combat interface.
  • Many bugs such as news doesn't appear and screen being messed up are fixed.
  • 10 new medals for ACEs and the best bomber pilots.
  • Cleaner layout
  • Many CGIs have been merged (game modules) with others with a total reduction in the number of cgi's. This will improve loading speed and reduce the load on the server.
  • Pilot Log changed. And you can see other player's record.

      Many things will be improved and most important bugs will be fixed. Please be patient as this will take several weeks to fully implement. Report problem accurately and without the need for comments like it sucks... we know you may not like change but the changes are necessary for the ADT to reach its vision of the game. After you adjust new interface you will notice an improved response time. Also this is only the first stage in interface improvements, bear with us our ultimate goal is to give you the best strategy game interface their is on the web.

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Parting Words

  Principles for future development

  The game is to be Air Combat, naval or ground forces if inserted into game will be used sparingly and as minor or special component of the game.

  The pilot/character role in the game will be enhanced to reflect the pilot as the most important part of the game not the wing or squadron.

  The game will be OBJECTIVE based where missions are the basic structure of the game. To earn cash you must complete missions or kill human pilots.

  The current combat engagement system will be enhanced and a pseudo 3-D representation of combat will be included to simulate actual combat.

  Area00 will listen to the players and where appropriate changes will be made. However, Area00 will not be moving towards Utopia game format where the construction of bases and home territories takes precedent over the air combat and the individual character the MERCENARY.

  These are the principles for the future development of Area00. Please have this in mind if you want to offer suggestions. The suggestions need to follow principles of future development to be looked at seriously by the Area00 Development Team.

  We respect all input and help we can receive. Remember that we are very small team and can not respond to the 3500 members registered in our game. We will try our best to get changes you want in but we have a plan and we will follow that for the development of the game.

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Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

Area00 : The Free Air Combat Strategy Game

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