The Raptor
The Raptor

Bi-monthly newsletter from Area00

Publisher: Area00 Development Team
Volume: 2 Issue: 1 Date: 6/1/2001

The New Raptor

   The Raptor is back in action with a new Editor. I'm going to be making The Raptor more player oriented. I want player input, such as columns, editorials, and tips for new players. This is YOUR newsletter, you make it happen.

Tony Choe's Corner

   Thank you for playing and supporting the game. Area00 is well on it's way to becoming the best online web game. You will see lots of changes coming soon that will improve the game. Please keep clicking the banners to help Area00's financial status, so that we can build up our new worldwide servers.

   Thank you very much,

   Tony Choe
   Area00 Founder and Programmer

Up and Coming

   Tony is working hard on new features and elements to make Area00 the best it can be. Here's what you can expect in the near future:

  • Reconnaissance Missions:

       Equip special components like the TARPS on F-14s and fly over enemy territory. If you take pictures of enemy sectors, you can see them in the Wing Surveillance Room. You will be see information that is not possible to see with just the KH-11 Spy Satellite.
       Example) info inside shelter and wing equipments, etc.

  • Electric Warfare Missions:

       With Electric Warfare Skill, you can do 4 different types of missions.

    • Electric Reconnaissance
      Scan Wing Radar, aircrafts' radar and ECM channels

    • ECM (Electric Countermeasure) Make noise on all channels in a sector

    • Electric Escort
      Use Chaff Dispenser and make an illusion in the air. (Chaff corridor)

    • Anti-AAA
      Attack AAA of an enemy with Anti-Homing Missiles

  • Chaff / Flare

       Equip Flare/Chaff dispenser. It will allow you avoid missiles.

Hello from Area00 Staff

   Each issue, the staff of Area00 will bring you a hello from the staff article from one of our members. This month's lucky member is Steve Shimek known to the players as Shor, HOD of the U.S. admin team. See what he said when interviewed by The Raptor.

   Shimek, 37, lives in the east coast of the United States. He has played Area00 for a good solid year and then some. Being a fair player, a couple of people he knew in the Admin team noticed his abilities and asked him to join up. He accepted and for the last six months, has been serving the players. He started out on the Korea servers as Internal Security. When Tony Choe, the game creator was ready to begin the U.S. server Inchon, he offered the HOD job to Shimek.

   In his spare time away from Area00, Shimek enjoys reading, cooking and playing the Command and Conquer series of real time military strategy games.

   Unfortunately, we've come to the end of the article! I know, heartbreaking, isn't it? Just when you wanted to read more! Steve has one last thing he'd like to say for advice to all you fellow seasoned veteran pilots:

   "New players, give them a chance in your wing, after all someone gave you a chance, help them out."

   For all pilots, new and old: "Don't bomb the admin wing I detest having to take your credits and exp points from you."

   Well, that's all for this month! Stay tuned next month for another feature from Hello From The Staff. The Raptor would like to express its thanks to Steve Shimek for taking the time to be interviewed. Farewell and fly safe!

   Interviewer: tolwyn
   Next issue's staff spotlight: emptyjar

Area00 Pilot's Lounge

   This section is for articles, rants, columns, and/or editorials that are submitted by you the pilot. Your words can praise Area00 or it can be as spiteful as you like, as long as it's clean.

   This is the state of Area00, at least from my view. The Staff are losing money every month because they can't get enough new blood, and people to click on their banners. The reason they can't get any new blood is the current state of they way that people play the game. All the long time players are killing Area00. They don't understand that killing off all New wings, and basically scaring away anyone that wants to play this game is not right. All they do is make alliances with each other and destroy new wings. If they were really that intent of bombing and playing the game they would be playing it instead of ruining it. Why would anyone want to play? They are never going to let a new wing grow, they are never going to let little guys have a chance, and they will kill Area00.

   They make excuses, They say well this is the way it has always been, well then they will be the only that play it till Tony has to kill it because he can't afford it any more. A good leader is defined by one's actions. What does it show that all they can do is kill someone weak, is that they are weak. The changes that Area00 will make in the future will change this, but will it last a year, or whenever they are able to have the time to make these changes. People only look out for themselves, and don't even care about the big picture. So who cares if your on that list now, if the game isn't here in six months it wont make that big of a deal. Who cares if you're a general if you're the last one when the servers are shut down? It is a game to be played, but if you love it that much then you should also be working on keeping it around, rather than killing it like you are now.

   That is why I for one have taken the stand to change things. That is why my wing KCSTRONGHOLD will be rebuilt everyday until this injustice of killing a great game, and short sightedness of the current players are changed. Till you see that it is wrong, and that your game you love so much, is the game you're killing. A wing of justice, truth and honor.

   A wing to save the game of Area00.
   Submitted by: Denokiller

Player Tips

   Here you will find tips for game play by those who play the game. Pilots giving tips to other pilots. I think it's time for a group hug.

   To make the game more fun I'd suggest people would use more different types of aircraft to fly in. For instance, when I go to the Admin dogfight wing I always see a lot of Su-34's, some F-22's and a few F-14's. I also try to use the MiG-29M, the Typhoon, and the Su-24 etc. And with success too! The MiG-29M is suitable to shoot down an F-22 if equipped properly. I equip it with the "agility" parts so it has mobility of 55. Then it can survive 3 F-22 impacts and kill with the fourth. And there are many more of these aircraft, which are capable of good dog fighting! Also, the Hp of the Su-34 has to be lowered to 1000 again because it really is way to good now. In real life an Su-34 would not stand a change against an EF-2000 Typhoon. But all that will come later I hope.

   Submitted by: Skaman

From the Battlefield

   This section will carry a war story as written by a player or staff member that portrays life as a pilot on Area00. It can be humorous or quite serious. As said before this is your newsletter. The first story will be my own attempt at humor.

   ****NEWS FLASH****

   " We interrupt this newsletter to bring you a breaking story, we go now to our Chief Military Correspondent, Saber."

   Saber: " Thanks, Earl. As you can see behind me what used to be the ' Please Don't Bomb Us' Wing is in complete ruins. It seems that the top three wings joined together in a massive strike against this wing, which incidentally, was only created 6 hours and 10 minutes ago. In a telephone conversation with the Commander of the top wing, he said, quote, ' The wing was seen as a threat to us. I only allow Brigadier Generals and above in my wing, and we can't have too many of those floating around, can we?' The Commander of the now decimated wing, a 1st Lt. denied to be interviewed, but the other 19 pilots, all Airman Basics, are huddled together shivering with fear, afraid to join another wing. As stated before, the wing is completely destroyed, and all that remains are the shattered hopes and dreams of what could have been 19 of Area00's finest."

   The moral of the story: " Today's Airman Basic, is next week's General of Area00. Ability cannot be measured if the pilot is not given a chance to show it."

   By: saber

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,
Saber- Editor for "The Raptor"

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