The Raptor
The Raptor

Bi-monthly newsletter from Area00

Publisher: Area00 Development Team
Volume: 2 Issue: 2 Date: 6/24/2001

A Word from the Editor

   The Raptor saw a great comeback with the first re-issue since I took over as Editor, but you guys are letting me down as far as getting me input. I know that there isn't much to go on, therefore I'm going to open it up a little and allow articles, columns, stories, and rants that have little to nothing to do with Area00, but it should be within reason. But, if I do get information in regards to Area00, that has top priority. I don't want to see The Raptor die off as it has before, and with your help, we can keep it alive.    Thank you,

   Saber, editor for The Raptor

Tony Choe's Corner

   Area00's financial status is better thanks to all of your honorable supports. Thank you very much. Area00 will be revised totally and have a new combat and mission system. Also I'll program a new wing system to make wing wars available. We had a hard time recently thanks to cheaters and bugs. I'll do my best to make new life to Area00. Personally, I'm considering leaving my job because my company has a very bad vision and no profit from software I made. I'll quit the company if the status doesn't get better and work for Area00 full time.

   Thank you very much,

   Tony, Founder and Creator

Up and Coming

   Sorry for delaying of new reconnaissance/electric warfare system.
No new update plan now.

   Tony - Founder and Creator

   The Raptor will be changing into a monthly newsletter rather than a bi-monthly. This will give Tony and myself more time to accumulate ideas and context to report on. Please continue to show your support by sending articles, stories, columns, and rants to:

   Saber - Editor of The Raptor

Hello from Area00 Staff

   Welcome players!

   My name is emptyjar and I am your Area00 Support Manager, My job here at is to make sure policies and TOS are being followed, follow up any appeals from players, Chief Flight Instructor on US server, and to submit new, updated information on planes, weapons, and structures. I have a team of four staff members with me and they are ctog, saber (also your Raptor editor), tolwyn, and rxlaw. As far as I'm concerned my team members are the best on Area00. They work hard for you to give you the best online gaming experience possible!

   A little about me:
   Age: 31, Location: Texas, USA, My online gaming experience includes CoC, Area00, A of E 1 and 2, and Gunship just to name a few. I have played Area00 for almost 1 and a half years and became a staff member as a monitor late last year and just recently have been promoted to the position I am in now as your Area00 Support Manager.

   My office door is always open if you have questions about the game or just need to talk about anything, even if it's not game related. You can reach me at the following email address

   I want to say thank you for playing and I look forward to helping you in anyway I can!

   Please help stay free by visiting our sponsors! Click the banners and visit our sponsors.

   Area00 Support Manager

   Next issue's staff spotlight: darth

Area00 Pilot's Lounge

   This section is for articles, rants, columns, and/or editorials that are submitted by you the pilot. Your words can praise Area00 or it can be as spiteful as you like, as long as it's clean.

   ************* NOTHING SUBMITTED ********************

   Does anyone else see a problem with this section? If you answered yes, then you are the solution!!!!!!!

Player Tips

   Here you will find tips for game play by those who play the game. Pilots giving tips to other pilots. I think ití»s time for a group hug.

   "Don't get shot down." By MR Kilroy

   "For the Newbies- as soon as you get the money you better buy a bomber and get you rank built up so you can get your sense up to 30. You aren't going to have a real good chance in dog fighting the big boys until you get it maxed out." By getsome122

   "Once you first start out. Never stop bombing till you 1) run out of enemies or 2) don't have any more money. Even if its just residences you really need the exp at that point." By: Scotty4Life

From the Battlefield

   This section will carry a war story as written by a player or staff member that portrays life as a pilot on Area00. It can be humorous or quite serious. As said before this is your newsletter.

   ************* NOTHING SUBMITTED ********************

   As said above, please get me some content here, people.
   By: saber

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,
Saber- Editor for "The Raptor"

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