The Raptor
The Raptor

Bi-monthly newsletter from Area00

Publisher: Area00 Development Team
Volume: 2 Issue: 4 Date: 8/15/2001

A Word from the Editor

  Content is slowing down again. Keep those articles, stories, and such coming.

Thank you,

Saber, editor for The Raptor

Tony Choe's Corner

  Area00 is getting better and we saw small changes and bug fix.
I'll focus on exciting play with new idea (not small change) and safe play with new staff system. More professional helpers will serve you and I'll spend more time for Area00.
I'll visit Singapore on Sep 31st - Aug 5th and talk about Area00's problem and future with players.
I'll do my best to make Area00 better.

Thank you very much.
Tony Choe
Area00 Founder and Programmer

Up and Coming

New Wing System

  • CO/VCO can do every command
  • Semi-permanent wing with 10 times of chance of survival
    If wing structures are totally destroyed, wing go on Protection Mode for 1 day. Wing can go on Protection Mode 10 times and then will be destroyed. To destroy wing, attacker must drop paratroopers by C-130 Hercules (new airplane)
  • Wing credit cannot given to wing member
  • When player creates a wing, give 1M wing credit to help construction
Safety of Play
    We added several protection features including auto-booting system.
  • Script Playing will be tracked
  • Multi-player will be tracked down better than now with new tool
New Airplanes
  • C-130 Hercules: transporter, for special mission
  • JAS-39 Gripen: small multi-role combat aircraft
  • F-8IIM: China Air Force's new face
  • Tu-95 Bear: Old and big Russian bomber with propeller (cheaper than Tu-160)
Secret Planes for donor/premium member will be displayed in McCoy's Plane Shop
  • Su-37 - Russian super maneuverable thrust vectoring fighter
  • Mig-35 / 1.42: new Russian multi-role front-line fighter

Tony Choe

Hello from Area00 Staff

  This month¡¯s featured Staff Member is myself, saber.

As you know I am The Editor for The Raptor, I am also a Staff Member for the US Servers. I have been playing Area00 for roughly a year or so, and have continued to enjoy new features and such as Tony adds them. I was asked to join the Admin Team for the US Servers just after they opened and I have been with Staff since then.

Outside of Area00 my name is Keith, 20-year-old guy from Tennessee. I am currently employed as a Draftsman with an Engineering firm. I am currently married, have been for a little over a year, and I have a daughter, Audrey, who just turned 3 months old.

Words to the pilots: ¡° Keep your eyes peeled, ears open, and fly straight. Cheating will get you nothing but a one way trip to the bottom.¡±

Next issue¡¯s staff spotlight: redeagle

Area00 Pilot's Lounge

  This section is for articles, rants, columns, and/or editorials that are submitted by you the pilot. Your words can praise Area00 or it can be as spiteful as you like, as long as it¡¯s clean.

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Player Tips

   Here you will find tips for game play by those who play the game. Pilots giving tips to other pilots. I think it¡¯s time for a group hug.

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From the Battlefield

  Just as I travel down towards my wing, the sounds of missiles destroying structures became considerable louder.
"Damned... just when i was having my lunch break. What a time to be under an air raid."
Rapidly accelerating towards the gate, I could see the smothering remains of my wing structures. But not a single plane was challenging the bombers. "Damned. They must be still having their lunch." Hearing the sounds of screeching tires behind me, I turned around and saw two of my fellow airmen jumping out of their jeep. "Hurry!" I shouted as I waved them over. As I was the Vice Commander, they quickly heeded the order and doubled over to me.
Surveying the air and noting the damages, I was furious at the outrage of the wing bombing mine. Shouting out instructions to my men to start rebuilding the base and to protect the wing, I gathered a few ground crew members and told them to arm up my B-52H Stratofortress ASAP. I quickly changed into my pilot jumpsuit and prepared myself mentally. "If they are going to destroy us, I will give them a hell of a fight!"
Once my bomber was armed and ready to go, I jumped into the cockpit and surveyed the enemy bombers to check the wing they are from. Once certain, I set my course and headed out to my destination.
"This is it! No turning back now!"
I have arrived at the enemy airspace. Ignoring the minor air defenses, I targeted the enemy's runways first before turning my attention to the enemy command centers. One after another, I managed to take out quite a few enemy structures after returning and reloading several times.
"Uh-oh"I muttered as the air warning system alerted me to an incoming missile."Damned. They noticed me." I rapidly took evasive action, bombing several structures then quickly moving to another sector to confuse the enemy off my tail.
"Hey! Can you read me?" It was the Commander's voice on the radio. "What the hell are you doing?"
"Sir,¡± I replied as I quickly told him of my plans. ¡°If they want to kill us, they have to kill me first!" After a considerable silence, the Commander radioed back "Ok! Keep it up! Leave the wing defenses to me!"
Soon, I think they were tired of my bombings and asked for a ceasefire. Our Commander obliged and called for me to return to base immediately. I was only to glad to comply as I was dead beat.
"Good work! They complained that you wrecked massive destruction on their wing."
"Thank you Sir. Could I have permission to return home for the day?"
"Permission granted Colonel. Have a good rest."
I was glad to be able to defend the wing and thought the CO should be able to handle the wing matters now.
But our happiness was short-lived when I returned the next day to find the wing totally and utterly destroyed...

By: shindo, Newbie Server

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,
Saber- Editor for "The Raptor"

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