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F.A.Q. Last updated: Oct 6, 2011
  • How long does it take to receive my reward?

    If you provided all the information we need, we can process your donation quickly. See the table below.

    Method Time
    PayPal with PayPal balance: 1~2 days
    PayPal with credit/debit card: 1~2 days
    PayPal with e-Check: 3~7 business days

    Other payment methods are currently not available, but PayPal accepts many credit/debit cards, e-checks (e-cheques), and for some countries also bank or giro accounts.

  • Can I donate using bank transfer or direct deposit?

    No, please consider using PayPal. For most countries PayPal enables you to fund the payment directly or by adding funds to your PayPal balance from your bank account. For more information visit PayPal.

  • Do you still have the POSB account? I want to do a direct deposit.

    No, direct deposits are no longer possible.

  • Can I send cash to your office via mail?

    No, the mail could get lost.

  • What information do you need to give me my reward?

    We need your account login name for Korea and/or Texas server. When you make your donation put your login ID in the payment notes. Or you can send an email detailing which characters (or friends) you want to receive the reward to niels@area00.com. Also it is a good idea to include the payment reference number or PayPal account name/e-mail so we can quickly verify and process your rewards.

  • What is your PayPal username?


  • PayPal isn't allowed in my country / by my bank. Do you have any other option for credit card holders?

    No, but we will provide other options in the future.

  • Do you accept any other currency except US Dollars?

    PayPal or the credit card company will convert the USD amounts to your local currency automatically.

  • Where can I check the latest money exchange rate?

    Visit http://www.xe.com.

  • I have no money or credit card. Is there any way to get the special aircraft?

    No, special aircraft are for donors only.

  • Can I convert my in-game credits or experience points to real cash or sell them to other players?

    No, we don't buy credits/experience points or allow players to sell credits/experience to other players for real cash.

  • Can I sell my account/give my account with donor status to other players?

    No, you are not allowed to sell your account. Donor status is not transferrable. A player can only have one account per server, and is not allowed to share his account or give it away.

  • Can I donate for my friend?

    Yes, you are welcome to donate for your friend or wingman. Provide us with the pilot callsign and the Gameserver (e.g. Inchon) where we can find him/her. Put the information in your payment notes, or send an e-mail to niels@area00.com.

  • I think that the special aircraft are no better than the regular aircraft, can you adjust it so it is superior?

    The special aircraft give some benefit to our donors but we have to be fair to everyone playing it is a free game not pay to play so we can not make the special aircraft too powerful.

  • I donated before donation policy changed; can I receive my reward according to the old policy?

    Yes. New policy will not affect your reward.

  • I am a Donor on Korea server. Now, I have created an account on Texas server too. Do I have to donate again?

    No. You are a Donor for all Area00 servers. Just let us know by sending an e-mail to niels@area00.com.

  • I want to delete my account and create again. Will my donor status safe?

    No. Your reward will be deleted when you delete your account. Please only delete your characters to start over.

  • If I donate, will you able to open up Singapore Server again?

    No. But we will make sure Korea and Texas server stay online!

  • In the past I donated to tonychoe@area00.com, now it says donate@area00.com. Is this correct?

    Yes, donate@area00.com is the current PayPal address. Do not use the old address, you will not receive your rewards.

  • Why do I have to e-mail my donation info to niels@area00.com

    As of July 2006, Niels Hillebrand has taken over management of Area00 and as of May 2011, Area00 is owned by Niels Hillebrand. Niels will take care of your donation and answer your queries. Any e-mails send to donate@area00.com will also reach him.

  • I want to talk to Tony Choe?

    You may e-mail Tony Choe at tonychoe@area00.com. However Tony is very busy, and no longer supports the game. We strongly recommend you contact Niels Hillebrand at niels@area00.com first. For other issues, feel free to contact any staff member or leave a message at the helpdesk.

  • I want to become Guardian of Area00?

    We are not accepting new Area00 Guardians at the moment.

  • I want to donate my Guardian support?

    Thank you, but as we are no longer providing Guardian bonuses, we do not accept Guardian payments. Please consider making a normal donation and provide the reward to someone who cannot donate. If you want to support the game anyway, you are welcome to send a custom donation amount to donate@area00.com using PayPal.

  • When will Guardian program be back?

    In the near future you will be able to become Guardian to support the game, please keep an eye on the News or subscribe to Area00 newsletter The Raptor.

If you still have a question, email niels@area00.com.

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