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Publisher: Area00 Development Team
Volume: 2 Issue: 3 Date: 7/15/2001

A Word from the Editor

   Thank you guys for getting those fingers typing. The response to the new ads hasn't been overwhelming, but it's a start. I am assuming Tony will take care of game credits to be issued for those who submit something for the newsletter. Enjoy!

   Thank you,

   Saber, editor for The Raptor

Tony Choe's Corner

   Advertisement: Tony Choe will visit Singapore on Sept 1st

  I'll visit Singapore from Sept 1st 2001 to Sept 5th 2001 to discuss about Area00 development and new game development. I and Mr. Bicknell (A00 Studios Partner) will hold forum with players once or twice on Sept 1st or 2nd. We will interview new staff and discuss about Area00's problem and future freely. Detailed schedule will be noticed through site.

  Donation Campaign

  Area00 financial status is going bad again. Our advertisement inventory is not selling fully. I expect Area00 will lose $100 - $200 on July. We are waiting for your donation or investment.

  Donor's benefit:

  • You will be served as VIP and you can contact us freely and directly through phone. Your complaint or suggestion will be processed quickly.
  • You could be staff.
  • Your name will be listed on Hall of Donor
  • You will be joined Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership for donors to provide convenience like no advertisement banner. We are working on this.

  For Donor:
  Question: Contact Tony Choe -

   Thank you very much,

   Tony, Founder and Creator

Up and Coming

   Area00 will have big changes for next 2 months. My 4 points for changes are here:

  • Easy Play
    Manual and FAQ will be improved with captured image and detailed instructions Staff workload should be decreased and Newbies need more help through documents.

  • Less Staff Work Load
    Area00 needs staff to help Newbies and get rid of cheaters but they are tired from hard workload. So, many jobs of staff will be automated. Manual and FAQ will help Newbies instead of staff.

  • No Cheating & Bug
    Area00 will have more system for security. - Multi tracing system by cookie will be available - Secure Web Server will be used for whole web site of Area00 - Playing using script will be prevented. - Well-known bugs will be killed.

  • Exciting Play
    New features and new system will be added. New Wing System and Mission System will be ready in two month

   Update Plan

    Area00 Development Team will focus on balancing of game at this time.

  • JAS-39 Gripen, F-111 Aardvark and some Russian bombers like Bear will added

  • All aircrafts and items will be adjusted for good game balance.

  • Performance gap between aircraft will be smaller than now. Cheap and old aircraft will be better.

   Tony - Founder and Creator

Hello from Area00 Staff

   This month's featured Staff Member is darth:

   Darth has played Area00 since it's creation, he joined as a pilot one month after the first release, and he hasn't stopped playing since. He is now a member of Area00 Security; his main job is to sniff out Multi's and cheaters, and watching for security related offences suck as hacking.

   Outside of Area00 darth is known as Bas. A 20 year old from The Netherlands. His hobbies include anything to do with Unix/Linux and a bit of programming.

   Darth's message to Area00 Pilots: " Fair play = good play. Remember that it's only a game; don't start any offensive conversation with another player. Keep this rule in mind and happy flying'. :) "

   Next issue's staff spotlight: saber

Area00 Pilot's Lounge

   This section is for articles, rants, columns, and/or editorials that are submitted by you the pilot. Your words can praise Area00 or it can be as spiteful as you like, as long as it's clean.

   Area00 Pilot's Lounge: Imagination is the Key:

   Boy, did the last two months go quickly.

   I was first introduced in April to Area00 by sfx. At first, I saw this game as nothing but a bunch of text and graphics. There was no 'real' cockpit interface and I was largely disappointed. I was wrong.

   Now other people come up to me and say that Area00 was crap. I don't believe them. All one really needs to do to appreciate the game is to use your imagination. I am a good and loyal pilot to No Mercy, I am well looked-after and I have a commander who believes I'm good. Sit back in your chair and think about that for a second. Life is good. Imaging yourself as a real pilot, in a real base. Imagine that you're walking in your own wing's base. What would it look like? Things to ponder and to be amazed at in your spare time.

   You're dog fighting. You and your opponent both exchange blows. You realize that your Radar is broken. You measure up the odds for you winning the dogfight now. Unless you blew his radar too, the chances are slim. You land. That's what you think in a split second while playing this game. It's a very thrilling experience. Sometimes I am dog fighting or bombing and I can feel my heart beat faster as I wonder whether I would win or get the wing kill.

   Though other people may look at this and dismiss it as a bunch of crap - try it sometime. Use your imagination. The game will be ten times what it used to be.

   Sidra Server

Player Tips

   Player: Deathscythe

   Topic: which plane wins which

   F-14 = f-22
   F-14 = su-34
   F-22 > su-34
   Su-24 = f-14
   Su-24 < su-34
   Su-24 < f-22

   These are the only dog fighting planes u can use... of course, I'm not taking into account the breaking of equipment or player stats (actually, if you are a Chief Master Sergeant and put all stats on sense, u can win against anyone) and I don't take into account gang bangs, land-and-repeats or jamming

   * Note that NO dog fighting plane can have a win/win in a gang bang... u will crash or you kill the guy and crash... (I would really like a B-52H with 20 AIM-120C for Christmas...)

   Also I'm assuming that people will only put the best missiles and no guns and that all the best equipment are there...

   Review of missiles... (Approx. damage)

   F-22 - 6 AIM-120C - dmg 290 - 345
   F-14 - 5 AIM-52 - dmg 290 - 345
   Su-34 - 6 R-27 - dmg 240 - 290
   Su-24 - 4 R-27 - dmg 230 - 280

   P.S.: some people might use typhoons... I don't really recommend it as it loses to su-34 and only equip 2 good missiles (skyflashes) and the rest are AIM-120...


Ok here's how to fight with an f14:

   First off when you df with an f14 you know you can jam one channel so you have got to be smart never df a person that has an su-34 if you have a f14 because that is bad odds!! Very bad!
Anyway if you know the person your df just bought a plane they don't usually change the channel so its on most of the time channel 1 or 3, but if that person fought someone with a jammer already then its on 2 or 4 but u have to be trained! F14 can do lots of damaged to bombers because that's what they where used for! Now a days my f14 does 345 damage per hit! Wow that's a lot! But you can still lose!
When equipping a plane with the most expensive stuff be sure you check that items info because it may do less then you want! For example: the f14 can equip a AN/APG-71 for 26000 credits but has A- A Accuracy +14 A-S Accuracy +14 but a Raytheon AN/APG-70 for 23000 has a slight higher A-A accuracy +15 A-S Accuracy +15! See the big difference? It can do a lot in a real fight!
So don't buy the most expensive buy the most dangerous types of add-ons! So let someone with an f22 or f14 fire at you TWICE then fire your missile 1x out of 4 you kill him or her! But practice bye shooting down CPU planes because it raises your hit rate, and when you hold on the fire button it does a lot of damage I noticed that!

   Submitted by enterprise (#222 Inchon Server)

From the Battlefield

   This section will carry a war story as written by a player or staff member that portrays life as a pilot on Area00. It can be humorous or quite serious. As said before this is your newsletter.

   Life on the front line is rough. You have enemies attacking you and wings being destroyed, some men/women fall in the line of duty. I'm a colonel and my name is hunter. I've fallen in the line of duty several times its very hard, but with the right wing men you can do a whole lot. The man idea is to get the to the highest rank with a good rating. Most of the time you can't here anything but planes sometimes you can't sleep. Finally you get some sleep but to your surprise your CO starts yelling in your face you wakeup shocked and screaming, " What the ______ is going on" you say. Your CO starts yelling again "Get your ______ up and get dressed we have incoming" he/she says. "Sir yes sir" you say with fear. You get in your plane fully loaded and refueled. You takeoff and shoot five aim-120c's and shoot down an enemy raptor. You are a decorated hero now so you go have a few beers with your fellow wingmen.

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,
Saber- Editor for "The Raptor"

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