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  Area00 In-Game Rules
Area00 In-Game Rules

EFFECTIVE DATE: Oct 12, 2004

These are the Area00 in-game rules. You, as a player of Area00 must NOT break them. By breaking these rules you are disrupting fair game play and will be punished for it by staff. Each rule has a set punishment and the punishment for each rule may differ from others, depending on how serious the offence is.

  1. Do Not Maintain Other Players Accounts

      If a player has decided to quit Area00, gone on vacation or for any other reason left his/her account, it is not permitted for you to maintain his/her account and characters. It is classified as cheating and is similar to having multiple accounts (also not permitted). Even logging a simple sortie for him/her is classified as maintaining another players account, so please do not do this. (See section 1 of the T.O.S.)

  2. Do Not Use Other Players Accounts

      It is against the Area00 rules to acquire another player¡¯s characters by any means. Hacking and fraud are included as being a means of acquiring another player's character.


      • Telling a player that he/she will be rewarded with something if he/she gives the asking player his/her username and password.
      • Hacking Area00, searching through passwords and logging in as another player. Punishments are severe for breaking this rule.

      Depending on the method of the acquiring player, punishments could be linked with several other in-game rules. Strictly forbidden. Also, do NOT; give your account information to members of staff if they ask you (most unlikely). (See section 8 of the T.O.S.)

  3. Informing Staff Of Multiple Users Per Household

      It is usual for there to be more than one player per household (e.g. two brothers playing with separate accounts. It is required for households with more than one user of Area00 to inform staff that they have multiple users. Failing to inform staff will result in punishment to the necessary characters.

      Note: Multiple users per household has nothing to do with having multiple accounts.

      Multiple users means having more than one person in one household playing Area00 with ONE account each whereas having multiple accounts means that there is one player with more than one account.

  4. Do Not Create Multiple Accounts

      You are not allowed to have more than ONE Area00 account. With your account you can have one character per game server.
      (See section 1 of the T.O.S.)

  5. Do Not Use Tools/Scripts/Bugs And Do Not Hacking

      Tools, scripts, bugs and hacking are strictly forbidden. Any use of tools, scripts or bugs of any sort on Area00 game is a direct violation of TOS rules along with hacking Area00. Tools include: refreshers, bombing/build program and anonymous play program. Hacking include: manipulated HTML/URL, denial of service attack. Using tools, scripts, bugs or hacking will result in severe punishments and will be dealt with immediately if discovered by Area00 staff. Sharing information of tools, scripts, bugs or hacking will be subject to an immediate deletion. Area00 may take legal action. (See section 8 of the T.O.S.)

  6. There Should Be No Swearing, Racist Remarks Or Vulgar Names

      At no time is it permitted to swear, use racist remarks or vulgar names on Area00, whether it is aimed at a player/member of staff or just used generally for any particular reason. If for any reason someone has used any inappropriate language, please inform a member of staff. (See section 3 of the T.O.S.)

  7. Inappropriate Character/Wing Names/Wing Application Guideline

      This also ties in with swearing, racist remarks, vulgar names, harassment and advertisement. It is wrong to use any words that may be offensive to others. It is not allowed to advertise other web site. This rule is very varied and will be judged by staff members who have the final say. If you have an inappropriate wing name/character name/wing application guideline, it will be changed and punishment will also be set. (See section 3 of the T.O.S.)

    • Do Not Harass Members Of Staff And Do Not Ask Staff/Monitors For Exp/Credits

        It is not permitted for players to ask staff/monitors for any experience points or credits. At all times, it is not permitted for any Area00 user to harass staff members in any way. Any type of harassment will be dealt with. Harassment includes: repetitive messaging to staff (for no particular reason) and offensive remarks towards staff members. Any other situation that comes up will be dealt with by other staff and will be checked up and if necessary, punishment will be given to the harassing player. (See section 1 of the T.O.S.)

    • Do Not Impersonate Area00 Staff

        Impersonation of staff and/or manipulating a staff's message will result a character deletion immediately if discovered by Area00 staff.

    • No Kill Agreements

        It is not allowed for players to agree to shoot each other down. Any type of communication between players which results in one player letting another player shoot him/her down will result in punishment to both players. It is a violation of the Area00 fair play rules.

    • Threats Of Physical Harm To Other Players And Area00 Staff Members

        In no circumstance is it allowed for any player to give threats of physical harm to other players or a member of staff. Violation of this rule will result in punishment, which will be judged by members of staff. Staff will also decide whether it is serious enough to punish the threatening player. (See section 7 of the T.O.S.)

    • Do Not Create Suicide Wings

        As a player of Area00 you are expected to play fairly (creating suicide wings is classed as unfair play), therefore, you are forbidden to create wings solely to be destroyed. Any wings that are created and left there to be destroyed (usually by multiple characters) will be deleted and investigated. Once checked by staff, the player who has created this wing (usually lots of wings) will be punished according to the staffs' judgement. Punishment will be harsh!

        Example of a suicide wing:
        created to come out of protection quickly without infrastructure being built up. Wing has minimum players in it, and friends (usually same friends every time) target it.

      • Sub-Wing Rule

          Do not create more than one sub-wing; it is now against the rules because of previous game situations.

      • Informing Staff Of Cheating

          If you know that another player is cheating, it is required that as a player of Area00, you keep game play fair by informing staff so they can deal with the situation and punish the cheater as necessary.

      IMPORTANT: Punishments may vary from time to time depending on the situation. Members of staff have the right to choose a suitable punishment for an infraction and staff members will always have the final word on game situations including punishments. If you have any problems with certain decisions members of staff have made, you may appeal to a higher ranked member of staff. Your situation will then be reviewed if necessary.

      If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message Area00 staff in game or send mail to Area00 Help Desk where you will receive a reply as soon as a member of staff is available.

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