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Area00 and A00 Studios

Thank you for your playing Area00.

Area00 is free air combat strategy multiplayer web game based on military aircraft database with actual specs.

Area00 has unique game content, and many of its players are military/aviation enthusiasts or military veterans. The game was created by Tony Choe to be exciting as well as captivating the imagination of players.

Area00 can be played on different game servers, each with a slightly different game system. They were divided over two seperate servers: Korea server named after Area00's country of origin and Texas server named after Area00's current location for the servers. Since 2012 Korea and Texas have been merged and now you can play all seven gameservers from

Launched at the end of 1999, Area00 started out in South Korea attracting players from all over the world. Area00 expanded to the United States with a server on the East Coast. Confronted with high bandwidth overage, it had to be shut down after some time, prompting Tony Choe to seek sponsorships and ask the players to support the game by donating. The U.S. based server was relaunched in Texas, sponsordered by Area00 player "girlsrule", and supported by donations thereafter. When sponsorship by the company Tony worked for ended, Korea server was moved to Texas when his employment ended. Meanwhile, for Area00 players from Asia, a third server in Singapore was launched in cooperation with Khabal Gaming, sponsored by Lycos Asia. Both Singapore and U.S. staff teams organized a series of player meetings. Singapore Server is no longer available, but Korea and Texas are still running thanks to the support of our players.

A00 Studios represented Tony Choe work as game developer. A00 Studios have designed an array of exciting multiplayer online games with content across many genres including strategy, history and gambling. Besides Area00, A00 Studios portfolio included U-Planet and the incompleted Hannibal vs. Scipio (HVS).

By the end of 2004, Tony was no longer able to work on the game. More and more of Tony's tasks have been taken over by Niels Hillebrand since then. Area00 and A00 Studios have been taken over from Tony Choe by Niels Hillebrand in May 2011.

Area00 and A00 Studios owner Niels Hillebrand can be reached at

Sponsoring Area00

    Playing Area00 is completely free. The running costs of the game are financed with player donations and ad revenue. In fact, without our loyal donors the game would no longer be available. A big THANK YOU goes out to all our donors.

    Please help us to keep the game online and free to play!

    To donate, please go to the donation page for more information.

    For information regarding sponsorship/advertising opportunities, please contact me.
    * ( not interested in hosting offers )

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      Niels Hillebrand, Owner

    Game Management Staff

      Bradley Hawthorne
      Rustie West
      Steve Feddema
      Zheng Kaizhong
      Naomi Hodge
      Terry Hodge
      Marc Temple
      Andreas Krischer
      Ying Tingxi
      Tan Boon Siang
      Kevin Emmett
      Tay Qianwei


      Tony Choe, Founder
      Bas Dakkenhorst, IT

    Former Staff

      Chris Hurst
      Eddy Chen
      Alex Leow
      Lester Han
      Malcolm Lim
      Poh Chee Keong
      Wilson Koh
      Tengku Alif
      Jeff Dunaway
      Jerrold Stone Lee
      Keith Loines
      Rachel Dunaway
      Jesus Tanguis
      Colim Lim
      Daniel, Jia Sheng Khoo
      Gabriel Tan
      Jack Roberts
      Maurice Han
      Nur Azzahar
      Kenny Phuah
      and others

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