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Area00 Guardian

EFFECTIVE DATE : November 5, 2011

Become Guardian of Area00

Support us financially by becoming a guardian to secure the future of Area00!

Type Amount of Donation
Area00 Small Guardian 3 months US $30 C $34.8 € 25.2 £ 17.4 ¥ 3480 SG $49.8
Area00 Small Guardian 6 months US $50 C $58 € 42 £ 29 ¥ 5800 SG $83
Area00 Small Guardian 1 year US $90 C $104.4 € 75.6 £ 52.2 ¥ 10440 SG $149.4
Area00 Guardian 3 months US $45 C $52.2 € 37.8 £ 26.1 ¥ 5220 SG $74.7
Area00 Guardian 6 months US $75 C $87 € 63 £ 43.5 ¥ 8700 SG $124.5
Area00 Guardian 1 year US $135 C $156.6 € 113.4 £ 78.3 ¥ 15660 SG $224.1

* US Dollar amounts are fixed, amounts in other currencies are only indications.


What are the benefits of being Guardian of Area00?

  • Permanent Guardian Status:
    • Medal of Guardian/Small Guardian
    • You will receive one additional aircraft shelter.
    • Your account/characters will be safe from deletion for inactivity.
    • Donor Status (medal and additional shelter) included, if you did not have it yet.

  • 3, 6 or 12 months Guardian Ticket:
    • Your callsign will be colored in players' lists.
    • You will receive a bonus hourly payment on top of your salary: 100,000 credits, Small Guardians get 50,000 credits.
    • You can transfer credits to other players.
    • You can buy donor-only aircraft at McCoy's, as well as Guardian-only aircraft: F-35B, SR-71, and Falcon 50 VIP jet to cruise the Area00 skies in a different way.

Questions & Answers

Please read these questions and answers for more information, instead of relying on assumptions based on the old guardian program.

What is the difference between Small and regular Guardian

Other than the different hourly bonus credits, they are the same in terms of rewards. The rates are different, as Small Guardian you support us for $10 a month, as regular Guardian for $15 a month.

Is it possible to become a Guardian for one month only?

No, 3 months Small Guardian is the minimum. If you think it's too much, please consider making a regular donation, click here.

What if I still have a valid special aircraft ticket?

If your special aircraft ticket has not yet expired, you have two options:

  1. The three, six or 12 months of your Guardian ticket can also be added to your special aircraft ticket. When the Guardian ticket expires, you will still have your aircraft ticket for the period of time that was left on it when your Guardian donation was processed.
  2. The time left on your special aircraft ticket will be converted to additional time on your Guardian ticket.
    Additional time on Guardian ticket = Aircraft ticket time / 9
    Additional time on Small Guardian ticket = Aircraft ticket time / 6
The first option is default. If you prefer the other option, send an e-mail to or put "option 2" in your Transaction Note.

When I stop playing, can my ticket be suspended or transferred to someone else?


When I have Guardian status and I delete to start a new character, can staff transfer the credits from my old pilot to my new one?

No, you start with the seed credits the game provides, by giving up your old character you give up your previously earned credits. If your ticket has not expired, you will get the hourly bonus on your new salary making starting over already much easier.

Can staff transfer x credits to my character on another game server?

No, you start with the seed credits the game provides on that game server. If your ticket has not expired, you will get the hourly bonus on your new salary making starting over already much easier.

What is different from the old Area00 Guardian Program?

  • Old Guardian support was $30-50 per month.
  • No payout of x amount of credits per donation. You will get a bonus on your character's hourly payments instead, when you have a sortie within the last 24 hrs.
  • No need to donate monthly to keep the Guardian Status, your account will always retain the status subject to the terms and conditions. Only the Guardian Ticket will expire after 3, 6 or 12 months and can be renewed for a shorter or longer term.
  • No Guardian newsletter, although we may have a special edition of the Area00 newsletter for our Guardians.
  • Staff will not change your callsign on request, you will be able to do this yourself in a future version.
  • Staff will not assist you with any credit transfers, not even between your characters nor gameservers.

When my Guardian ticket expires, does this mean I have to donate again?

It's up to you, please support Area00! You are not required to donate again to keep the Guardian medal, but the Guardian benefits do require a new ticket. You can donate for Guardian again, change from/to Small Guardian, or postpone it till later.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my Guardian Status?

Yes, take into account your hourly bonus and type of medal will change. It's not possible to keep both medals. When downgrading, it's best to wait until your current Guardian ticket expires.

My account was hacked, can I get my status/ticket back?

It depends, hacked accounts are usually a result of account sharing or poor security on your part. If we find no evidence of real hacking on our end, then the status/ticket will not be returned.

Is it possible to trail the Guardian aircraft first?

No, they are strictly for guardians. The Guardian program is purely aimed at raising funds to support Area00, the guardian-only aircraft are not intended to give you a huge advantage in the game. The F-35B is the VTOL version of the F-35A. The SR-71 and Falcon 50 are unarmed.

Will there be more benefits for Guardians in future?

Fair and balanced gameplay have been and will remain an important consideration when Guardian-only benefits are concerned. Priority is on offering an enjoyable gaming experience to all. However it is possible more or different benefits are added in future versions.

I heard Guardians also get special treatment by staff when they break the rules?

No. Guardians have to follow the rules like every other player. Staff does not make any exceptions for Guardians. Past instances where Guardians were seemingly getting away with something was due to the founder promising to take personal care of their accounts, but lacking the time to do so in a timely fashion. This was already dropped as a Guardian benefit in the past. Guardian will not get any special treatment.

Terms & Conditions

Guardian contribution payment transaction ("donation") and the Guardian Status and Ticket ("rewards") are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Your donation to be Guardian is considered a gift! Not payment for service, but with your support I promise to keep Area00 online.
  • Rewards may be removed from your account if:
    • Found to be in violation of Area00 Terms of Service whether committed knowingly or due to ignorance, present or future.
    • When a problem occurs with your donation, included but not restricted to chargebacks and (temporary) holds.
  • Rewards may not be issued if:
    • Designated account is found to be in violation of Area00 Terms of Service whether committed knowingly or due to ignorance at the moment of processing the donation. Includes shared accounts or one of multiple accounts owned by a single user.
    • Area00 account, or PayPal account, or card holder is not in good standing (banned from Area00 or transaction issues in the past).
    • When there is reason to suspect the transaction to be fraudulent or unauthorized. Also, we are taking part in PayPal's anti-fraud program!
  • Area00 reserves the right to refuse your donation by reversing the payment for above stated reasons or other without notification.
  • Donations are non-refundable. The only exception may be accidental double payments, contact
  • Rewards cannot be transferred.
  • Benefits/features enabled by the rewards are subject to game development decisions. This means they may be changed, removed, disabled, or be lost by game reset if we decide to.

If you want to be a Guardian of Area00, donate using one of the buttons below. If you are helping a friend to pay the Guardian contribution, please first inform your friend to take notice of the above terms!


You can donate using the Donate buttons below which will take you to our PayPal portal. Log in with your PayPal Account, or use your credit/debit card or bank account where available.

It takes 1-2 days before you get your status/ticket after payment has been completed (add 5-7 business days for eCheck payments to clear).

Forgot to include your account username? Send it by e-mail to

Select one of the buttons:

Guardian (support Area00 for $15 a month) Small Guardian (support Area00 for $10 a month)
3 Months $45
6 Months $90 $75
$60 $50
12 Months $180 $135
$120 $90


* PayPal is available in over 30 countries. It's free to sign up for an account, personal accounts can send money with no fees. If you do not have a PayPal account or accepted credit/debit card, go to PayPal's website for more information. For many countries your PayPal account can be used with your bank account. For some countries/banks, you first need to add funds to your PayPal balance. Take into account exchange rate/fee, please use PayPal's currency converter to convert the stated USD amounts to your bank's currency.


Please keep your account's e-mail address up-to-date, check by entering your Account Management screen from the Pilot Lounge!

For any questions regarding your donation or guardianship, please contact Niels Hillebrand, Area00 Owner, directly by e-mail. Include as many details as possible in your message and send it to

If you cannot donate using any of the methods available through PayPal, and PayPal is not available in your country, let me know.

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