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B-1B Lancer


Area00 Donors: Supplement your Bomber Force with the Mighty Bone!

Rockwell International B-1B Lancer (nicknamed 'The Bone') supersonic heavy bomber with intercontinental range. First deployed in 1985 with the USAF.
The B-1B is designed to penetrate enemy airspace at low level and launch stand-off weapons.

The B-1B currently holds the record for largest payload. However as part of the START II treaty the external weapon stations have been removed. Yet with today's precision guided weapons it is still as lethal.

The B-1B will be available to Area00 Donors and Guardians with a valid aircraft ticket. The bomber will be replacing the current B-52 for a large part. Although the difference is not that big in the Area00's current combat system, it does carry two more AGM-86D cruise missiles compared to the B-52.

Please note:
- Aircraft ticket required to buy this aircraft.
- It will be available for testing on Barbarossa with the next update.
- When tests has been completed it will be scheduled for the following update.

Please send your feedback after testing the aircraft to

For information on how to donate for Area00, click here.

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