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   A00 Studios appoints new Area00 Manager


A00 Studios appoints new Area00 Manager

Seoul, Republic of Korea, July 11, 2006

On July 10th, 2006, A00 Studios CEO and Area00 founder Tony Choe has appointed Niels Hillebrand as new manager for Area00, one of the games developed by A00 Studios.

The new Area00 Manager will take over all management duties from Tony Choe. Tony Choe will still remain the owner of the game and decide on important decisions regarding the future of Area00.

Tony Choe said: I hereby announce that Mr. Niels Hillebrand becomes our new Area00 Manager. As he worked for Area00 operations and developmemt for several years, now he moves to a new position. He will lead the operations and start accepting donations again. I will hand over the management role to him, so that I can concentrate on my personal priorities.

Niels Hillebrand joined the staff team back in 2001. Bringing in extensive knowledge about military aircraft, he was appointed Head of Development in 2003, enabling Tony to focus on programming the developed changes, managing the staff team and process donations. Unfortunately, the situation changed over the years and all attention was focused on keeping Area00 online. Niels took on the role of Guardian Manager to help Tony Choe to run the Guardian program. Along the way, Niels has assisted the staff teams in managing the game as a Head of Server.

Niels Hillebrand commented: Unfortunately Tony Choe had no longer enough free time to manage and support Area00 as he had done in the past. I want to help Tony and keep Area00 alive. Being appointed Manager gives me the freedom I need to manage things beyond my previous responsibilities.

With the new manager in place, we can expect some changes in the game and organisation. Asking the new manager about the plans, he said: For now, the focus of my efforts will be on the donor program for now. The income from donations will enable Area00 to live on. After that I will investigate ways to improve game management and customer support, especially for donors and guardians. Hopefully I will be able to restart game development once all these issues are resolved.

Singapore server has been unavailable for more than a year now. Many players wonder what will happen, will the Singapore server ever come back or will it be gone forever? Niels replied: The fact is that Area00 has a large number of players from this part of the world, and they have to cope with slow speed and laggy connections when playing on the current Area00 servers based in the USA. We are currently working on a plan to get the server back online in a Singapore based datacenter.

Area00 is a free air combat strategy multiplayer web game based on military aircraft database with actual specs developed by Tony Choe, A00 Studios.

Area00 has unique game content, and many players are military/aviation enthusiasts or military veterans. Tony Choe has established the game to be exciting as well as captivating to the imagination of the players.

Launched in late winter 1999, A00 Studios has designed an array of exciting multiplayer online games with content across many genres including strategy, history and gambling.

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